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Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA®) and Business Owner

Hello and welcome to my page! I'm so glad you've found your way to my website. My name is Julie V. Scher, and I am an approved Ontario Autism Program (OAP) provider and Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA®). I am also the founder of ABA in the GTA Autism Behaviour Therapy, a company that provides exceptional Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) therapy services across the Greater Toronto Area. At ABA in the GTA, we uphold a set of core values that guide every aspect of our work. Our commitment to safety, trust, empowerment, dignity, fun, respect, bodily autonomy, rapport, assent, and authenticity sets us apart from other providers. Our values guide me in delivering the highest level of care to clients, making ABA in the GTA a preferred choice for anyone seeking quality ABA services.

In addition to my work as a BCBA®, I have also developed an interest in the world of web design and coding. In my experience, designing digital solutions is not so different from designing interventions for behaviour change. Both require careful attention to detail, a deep understanding of the individual's needs, and the ability to communicate effectively. Whether I'm writing behaviour plans or creating app prototypes, my goal is always to provide the highest level of care to my clients. As a BCBA with over 10 years of experience, my focus is on developing individualized treatment plans that prioritize the safety, dignity, and well-being of each client. When it comes to web design and development, I am passionate about creating user-friendly interfaces and experiences that prioritize accessibility, usability, and visual appeal. By merging my skills in both ABA therapy and UX/UI design, I am able to offer a unique and well-rounded approach to meeting the needs of my clients.

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I'm proud of the work I've done and the impact I've had on the individuals and families I've worked with. Here are some numbers that represent the positive outcomes we've achieved together (with the exception of drinking coffee- that I've accomplished myself):

Happy Clients

ABA Programs

Adaptive Behaviours Increased

Cups of Coffee

ABA Therapy Services

Explore the range of services I offer, and don't hesitate to reach out to discuss how we can work together to make your goals a reality.

Home and Community-Based ABA Services

As a BCBA, I create personalized ABA therapy programs for clients in home and community settings. I set tailored goals, closely monitor progress, and provide guidance to therapists.

Adaptive Behaviour Support

Dealing with interfering behaviours? Let me identify the function and create a personalized plan to promote adaptive behaviour. By finding the function of interfering behaviour, I help clients meet their needs.

Caregiver and Parent Coaching

Together, let's identify goals and develop personalized strategies to improve your loved one's adaptive behaviour and independent living skills. By collaborating, we can achieve effective outcomes and enhance your family life.

BCBA® and RBT® Trainee Supervision

I offer ethical and affordable supervision to trainees completing fieldwork hours for BCBA® or BCaBA® certification with the BACB®. My program supports trainees in meeting eligibility requirements for certification.

Collaborative Consultation

As a behaviour consultant, I collaborate with interdisciplinary teams of educators and healthcare professionals to create tailored solutions. My approach emphasizes inclusivity and fosters a supportive environment.

Social and Leisure Skills

By emphasizing important skills such as turn-taking, sharing, and group participation, I support individuals in navigating social situations and building meaningful friendships, while promoting confidence and enjoyment of social activities.

Daily Living Skills

Prioritizing practical daily living skills like money management, cooking, shopping, organization, and transportation in natural settings, I ensure skills are relevant, practical, and meaningful. This approach leads to increased independence.

Executive Functioning and Self Regulation

Executive functioning and self-regulation skills are crucial for daily living. I work with individuals on planning, organizing, prioritizing, and self-monitoring. I also support emotional regulation and adapting to changes in routine.


Interested in learning more about my work experience and qualifications? Look no further than my resume section. Here you'll find a comprehensive overview of my professional background, including my education and work history. Browse through my accomplishments and see how my skills and expertise can benefit you.


Julie Scher

Ethical and results-driven Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA®) with over 10 years of clinical experience in the field of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and autism. Ontario Autism Program (OAP) approved provider.

  • Toronto Ontario, Canada
  • (647) 491-6908
  • abainthegta@gmail.com


Master of Arts Applied Behaviour Analysis

2012 - 2015

Ball State University, Munice, IN

Relevant Coursework: Interventions and Treatments for Persons with Autism| Research Methods.

✓ Earned two graduate certificates in Autism and Applied Behaviour Analysis.

✓ Awarded the Dean’s Citation for Academic Excellence in recognition a perfect 4.0 GPA.

Specialized Honours Bachelor Arts Psychology

2006 - 2009

York University, Toronto, ON

Relevant Coursework: Developmental Psych.| Abnormal Psych. |Advanced Statistical Methods.

✓ Recipient of the Vanier Vingt-Deux Award: The Master's Honor Roll.

Honours Bachelor Arts Radio and Television Arts

2000 - 2004

Toronto Metropolitan University (Formerly Ryerson University), Toronto, ON

✓ Among the top 15% of students for academic achievement.

✓ Member of the Golden Key International Honor Society.

Professional Experience

Clinical Director

2019 - Present

ABA in the GTA (Formerly ABA Supervisors), Toronto, ON

Develop comprehensive and evidence-based treatment programs tailored to address the unique needs and challenges of individuals in the field of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). Continuously update and refine strategies based on latest research and best practices to meaure effectiveness.

✓ Successfully launched and established a business venture in a challenging market.

Center Director

2018 - 2019

Florida Autism Center, North Fort Myers, FL

Lead a team in facilitating optimal care and and measurable positive outcomes for clients with autism and other developmental disabilities. Designed and evaluated individualized academic skill acquisition programs and behaviour protocols. Executed parent training.

✓ Provided expert hiring, BST training, supervision, and clinical oversight to over 17 staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out my FAQ section to help you make informed decisions about your care or the care of your loved ones.

The Ontario Autism Program (OAP) is a needs-based government-funded program, meaning that the funds you obtain varies on the extent of intervention your child or youth requires. The program provides various services and supports to families and individuals on the autism spectrum. Services and supports you may be eligible for include, foundational family services, caregiver-mediated early years programs, core clinical services, entry to school programs, and urgent response services. To register for the OAP, your child or youth must meet certain criteria, including being under the age of 18, living in Ontario, and having a written diagnosis of autism from a qualified professional.

AccessOAP is responsible for intake procedures and is funded by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services. The organization's primary objective is to help families access autism services throughout Ontario.

I am an approved OAP provider.

Therapy can take place in home or community-based settings, such as school or camp. I also offer virtual sessions.

The number of therapy hours needed is individualized and based on the unique needs of your child/youth. I provide both Comprehensive and Focused ABA services, ranging from 5-25 hours per week. Comprehensive ABA programs provide intensive therapy for several hours a day, several days a week, for an extended period of time. Focused ABA programs provide targeted intervention for specific areas and require less direct therapy and supervision time compared to comprehensive programs.

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is an evidence-based therapeutic approach that uses positive reinforcement to help individuals improve their communication, social, academic, and independent-living skills. It is a safe and effective treatment that teaches individuals helpful behaviours and reduces interfering behaviours that may pose a barrier to growth. Check out my blog on Today’s ABA.

Your therapy team will consist of a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA®) who designs and monitors program effectiveness based on mutually agreed upon goals. Another crucial member of your team is the Behaviour Therapists (BT) who works directly with your child/youth each session. Once you agree to services, I will gather the perfect team to support you and your loved one.

The cost of an ABA program depends on the number of hours you and your loved one need. In general, you pay for the direct therapy by the Behaviour Therapist and Supervision fees for the BCBA®. Please contact me for a free 30-minute consultation so I can learn more about your situation.

Your BCBA® or BT will suggest materials that you should purchase to enhance progamming (e.g., language builder cards, etc).


UX/UI Design Work Portfolio

Check out my 3 most recent UX/UI Projects.

  • All
  • Book Fair Anywhere
  • Cookie Dough To-Go
  • Mlem E-Commerce Case Study

Book Fair Anywhere App

Marketing Material

Book Fair Anywhere App

Hifi Designs

Book Fair Anywhere App


Cookie Dough To-Go App


Cookie Dough To-Go App

Pattern Library

Cookie Dough To-Go

Mood Board

Mlem E-Commerce Petfood Store Case Study


Mlem E-Commerce Petfood Store Case Study

Personas and User Empathy Maps

Mlem E-Commerce Petfood Store Case Study

User Flow Diagram


Looking for a unique way to showcase my strengths and weaknesses, I decided to quantify them out of 100. Don't worry, I promise I won't let the numbers go to my head! Take a look and see how my skills stack up.

Dedication to clients 100%
Behaviour Analysis (always learning!)99%
Web development and Design 80%
Early Bird 10%
Night Owl 90%


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